Triple S is a factory authorized automation facility for the majority of the lines we represent.

Most of the valves we automate are position seated and we have quality assurance steps that insure every valve that leaves our shop is precisely set and has been subject to a hydrostatic pressure test that is greater than or equal to the valve’s classification.

We put so much effort into automating our valves that we insist that the valves are never disassembled for installation. If you feel that it is necessary to disassemble the valve for whatever reason call your local representative in advance.


As a way to further enhance our automation capabilities, in 2011, Triple S purchased a Deshazo 10-ton overhead crane, allowing us the ability to automate large-diameter valves. Now end users can witness, firsthand, our procedures for assembly as well as witness stroke and leak testing before shipment.


Triple S has the capability to hydro test valves, ball, gate, globe and even control valves with a body diameter of up to 32 inches in diameter using test pressures up to 10,000 psig. Triple S is able to test to many specifications, including MSS SP-61, API 598 and FCI 70-2.

A closer look at the LARGE DIAMETER TEST STAND


Triple S also employs two smaller test stands for leakage testing and hydro testing. Once again, we are able to test up to 10,000 psi for a hydro test and can test to many specifications such as MSS SP-61, API 598 and FCI 70-2.

A closer look at one of the AUTOMATION ASSEMBLY TABLES

Positioned amongst the assembly tables and small diameter test stands is our Gorbel 1-ton jib crane. This allows for our shop technicians to move valves from crate or pallet to assembly and ultimately to testing in a safe manner.