Specializing in critical service process valves used throughout the processing of hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, phosgene, bromine, hydrofluoric acid, vinyl chloride monomer, anhydrous hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid isocyanates.

ADREM™ valves have established a new performance benchmark for reliability and environmental protection. With over 140 combined years of hazardous service process valve experience, ADREM™ products are engineered to exceed industry’s production mandates without compromising safety. Our comprehensive knowledge of industrial processes, valve design and raw materials allows us to council our customers on the selection of the most appropriate valve for their processes.

MOGAS Industries is the premier metal-seated ball valve manufacturer and leading global supplier of severe service ball valve for power, process, mining/autoclave & speciality applications. Mogas engineers can design valves to handle temperatures to 1652 F & 43,000 psig.

Marwin Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality soft seated ball valves and automated accessories. Their extensive product range includes: one piece, two piece, three piece, three way, four way, and flanged ball valves. Marwin excels in speciality type ball valves including cryogenic, control, trunnion, and specialty alloy valves.

Media Valve offers the Mosites Butterfly Valve, a design concept of bonded elastomeric lined products that are corrosion / errosion-resistant and affords the end user an economical means of complete isolation flow stream contaminants.

Bestobell Steam Traps is a leading manufacturer of high quality steam products for the U.S. and International markets. They offer a full range of steam traps, inverted bucket traps, float & thermostatic traps, capsule traps, line strainers, condensate return pumps and pressue regulators.

Limitorque has evolved over 70 years since its strategic introduction of “torque-limiting” design that changed an industry. From the rugged dependability of the early SMB actuators to the latest state-of-the-art MX multi-turn and QX quarter-turn non-intrusive, smart actuators. Limitorque is committed to extraordinary valve control solutions.

Unitorq offers a complete line of Double-Acting and Spring Return Actuators with several high performance options available including coatings, low and high temp configurations and more. Unitorq also offers one of the safest and easiest to operate manual overrides in the industry.

The Skinner Solenoid Valve Series includes a variety of 3 & 4 way valves designed with unique features and options enhancing their performance, operational reliability and application versatility.

Moniteur Devices is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of valve position indicators, rotary limit switches, valve monitoring systems and valve positioners for automated valves.

L&T Valves is a leading manufacturer of Gate, Globe, & Check Valves for Power, Oil & Gas , LNG and Pipeline applications . Their valves are proven for critical isolation and shutdown applications in high temperature service in Nuclear, Thermal and Gas power plants which include designs like Y Pattern, Stop Check and Parallel Slide in Carbon Steel , WC6 , WC9 and C12A in upto 4500 Class . They are also the first and only valve company in India to get the ASME N /NPT stamp accreditation.

High quality engineered control valve trim solutions for severe service applications. Carter Process Control specializes in providing severe service multipath control valve trim which are Direct replacements for CCI and BTG valves. Engineered to solve problems and supplied as an upgrade to the existing installed valves. Can also engineer to fit into any OEM valve manufacturers valve. CPC stocks all soft goods for CCI and BTG valves including Packing, Gaskets, Balance Seals, Spray nozzles and Actuator repair kits.

Designed to reduce maintenance costs, the Check-All design is simple rugged and efficient. Whether you need a high quality check valve for your standard application or have special requirements, make Check-All your first choice.

Schroedahl is the originator and leading supplier worldwide of Automatic Recirculation Valves for centrifugal pump protection. They are also a leading manufacturer of severe service control valves and desuperheaters. German engineering and manufacturing result in high performance and reliability in the most critical and severe industrial valve applications.

Velan is a leading global manufacturer of industrial valves, recognized as a standard-bearer in quality and innovation since 1950. Velan’s hard-working valves meet critical industrial needs in the areas of power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, cryogenic, and shipbuilding. Velan Torqseal® triple offset valves are designed with the highest attention to controlling fugitive emissions offering a bi-directional zero leakage closure with a metal-to-metal seat. Dual-qualified to meet API 641 and ISO FE standards, Torqseal® is the right solution when a tight seal is required.